Copenhagen Coffee Lab

Like Stockholm, Copenhagen is another great city for coffee. A few of our must-try spots around town include The Coffee Collective, Democratic Coffee Bar(a favorite of Noma's Rene Redzepi), and Ipsen & Co. On one of our last mornings in the city - before a disastrous kayaking expedition along the canals - we began our day with a stop at Copenhagen Coffee Lab.


We were immediately attracted to the gorgeous wood-industrial interior and the cozy, intimate atmosphere of the store - which is tucked away under a set of stairs in the basement level of an old, Downtown Copenhagen building.


We were also impressed to learn that the (young and attractive) barista serving us was the owner of the shop. He was extremely educated on the coffee beans that they roast in-house - from the origin and taste profiles of the beans to the methods of preparation - and happy to help his customers order a perfect cup.


We highly recommend stopping in when you need a high-quality jolt of caffeine in the heart of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab Lindgreens Allé 7 2300 København S