Copenhagen Street Food

After four action-packed days in Stockholm, we hit the next destination on our tour of Scandinavia: Copenhagen. It was a quick flight over to Denmark's capital, and once we dropped off our luggage at our Airbnb in Frederiksberg, we were ready to explore the city's beautiful canals, cobblestone streets and historic architecture.

While the city is home to Noma (where we weren't able to snag a reservation), it doesn't exclusively cater to elaborate tasting menus and foraged ingredients. You can find incredibly delicious, multicultural and experimental food at every price range.

Case in point: Copenhagen Street Food, the city's first and only genuine street food market. Within the maze-like halls of the market, you can find everything from sushi to tacos to Brazilian grilled meats to falafel to organic Danish hot dogs - all sustainably and locally sourced.

Located on Papiroen (Paper Island), the venue is the perfect spot for spending a lazy summer day eating and drinking with friends, watching boats and ships pass by along the waterfront.


It's the opposite of a pretentious dining destination. As Visit Copenhagen correctly points out, the raw halls in the maritime setting evoke a distinct Copenhagen feeling - youthful, authentic and catering to creative souls like artists and musicians.


Even though we visited on a dreary Wednesday afternoon, the halls and outdoor spaces were completely packed. It was nearly impossible to move around, so we can't even imagine what the crowds would be like during the weekend.


As for food, we sampled a hot dog from Polse Kompagniet, fried chicken and beer.


It was the perfect appetizer for the multi-course Nordic dinner we were planning to enjoy later that evening (more on that soon!).


Copenhagen Street Food Papirøen, Trangravsvej 14, hal 7 & 8 1436 København K