Welcome to Stockholm!

Welcome to Stockholm!

It may sound like a cliche, but one of our 2016 resolutions is to travel to as many new places as possible. We've already hit Seattle and Tulum this year, but one of the places highest on our "Dream Destinations" bucket list has been Scandinavia. This month, we finally crossed it off, spending 10 days in Stockholm and Copenhagen over the Labor Day holiday.

These two cities are incredibly rich in culture, fashion, art, design, architecture and - especially - food. And we can't wait to share our favorite places and moments from our unforgettable trip.

Beginning with Stockholm, we loved the mix between Old World and New World that this city offers. From the romantic cobblestone streets and medieval-era buildings of Gamla Stan to the trendy, "hipster" atmosphere of Sodermalm, you'll find a vibe to suit any given mood.

Stockholm Vibes_Collage

Stockholm Vibes_Collage

And as a city spread across 14 islands, Stockholm is surrounded by beautiful coastlines and waterways. Catching ferries to get around town is a must.


Stockholm is also filled with some of the most friendly (and fashionable) people in the world. Almost everyone is fluent in English and they're more than happy to give you directions and share their favorite spots around the city.


So over the next week, we'll be sharing some of the highlights of our trip.


From the best restaurants to the must-visit museums to the most inspirational design and home stores.


Stay tuned!