Sunday Brunch at Rosendals Tradgard

Djurgarden, a green island near Central Stockholm, is part of Sweden's Royal National City Park, but it's much more than just a park. In addition to abundant green space, Djurgarden offers 22 museums and an amusement park, Grona Lund.

It's also home to a number of restaurants and cafes, including the beautiful Rosendals Tradgard. Beyond its cafe, Rosendals' Garden Foundation also oversees lush gardens, an orchard, picnic grounds, an artisanal bakery - which provides all of the cafe's bread and pastries - and a biodynamic farm - which provides organic, in-season vegetables and fruit also served at the cafe.

So on a bright Sunday morning, we took a ferry from our Airbnb in Sodermalm to Djurgarden to experience the incredible farm-to-fork brunch at Rosendals' greenhouse cafe for ourselves.


Entering Rosendals is like escaping into Narnia. One minute you're strolling through a fairly typical park, the next you're surrounded by gorgeous flowers (which visitors can pick straight from the gardens), groups of families and friends enjoying a snack on picnic blankets in clearings between apple trees, and the fresh scent of greenery.

The cafe is located literally inside a greenhouse, and patrons can either eat inside among gorgeous hanging plants or take their meals outside in the gardens.


Since we visited on a Sunday, the cafe was overcrowded with tourists and locals. Making it worse was the slightly confusing, very hectic system of ordering food.

You can pick up items like light sandwiches, pastries and cakes from the buffet, and also order hot dishes like tomato soup from the register.

To save you the stress if you ever stop by during a busy time, we recommend grabbing a cinnamon bun and beelining it straight to the register to order a tomato soup. Add a few slices of the amazingly fresh bread, which you can take as you please, and a slather of butter, and you've got a perfect meal.


The food at Rosendals is so incredibly fresh - to be expected since everything comes straight from the garden. The tomato soup was one of the best we've ever tasted, and we also had our first (of many) bites of the famous Swedish cinnamon bun.


But it was really the ambiance that made the experience so memorable. It was the perfect setting for a casual afternoon in Stockholm!


Rosendals Tradgard Rosendalsterrassen 12 115 21 Stockholm