Louvre Museum

Of course, if you're in Paris you must visit the Louvre, with its iconic glass pyramid and the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa gallery was, as expected, insanely crowded and a complete spectacle. We wish we had more time to actually take in the painting, but it was surreal to just have the opportunity to see this iconic masterpiece in person. As everyone points out, it really is much smaller than you'd expect in person!

Not only were the artwork and sculptures within the museum beautiful, but the structure itself was stunning. Given its history as a fortress and a residence for French kings, that's no surprise. We can only dream about what it'd be like to live somewhere so grand.

Given its size, we would have loved to spend a little more time wandering through the halls of this world-class institution. Until next time!

Louvre Museum 75001 Paris, France