The National September 11 Memorial

We call the Financial District home, so the rebuilding of the former World Trade Center site has been a very real part of our everyday life. Though we've only lived here for a year, in that time, One World Trade has almost finished construction, the museum has opened, and the area is quickly developing into a business, transit and commerce hub. The most significant change for us, though, was the opening of the National September 11 Memorial space to the public. Up until a month ago, visitors who wanted to view the iconic twin reflecting pools had to book tickets online and go through an extensive security check to access to the site. The area was also fenced in, with construction trucks and heavy security throughout. The combination left the memorial feeling more like a military zone, rather than a tribute to the victims of the attacks.

Today, the fences are gone and lush trees and grass surround the complex. Even though there are still construction trucks and security, the space feels much more peaceful and symbolic as it reintegrates into the neighborhood around it, and serves as a constant reminder of that day. It's amazing to see how much the site has changed, and we're excited for this significant part of our community to be complete and back in business.


The National September 11 Memorial and Museum 180 Greenwich St New York, NY 10007