Brooklyn Flea Creme de la Creme

Yesterday may have been National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, but the food holiday we were more excited about was National Ice Cream Day on July 20. That's because Brooklyn Flea dedicated the entire weekend to Creme de la Creme, their annual celebration of the best summertime treat, featuring more than 10 of the top ice cream vendors in New York City. From classic scoops at Blue Marble Ice Cream to New York's buzziest new flavors (and longest lines) at Morgenstern's Finest, Creme de la Creme was the place of ice cream lovers' dreams.


We visited the Williamsburg Flea location and were able to sample three very different styles and flavors, starting with OddFellows' take on Toasted Coconut Milk Chocolate. By far our favorite of the day, this scoop packed a powerful punch of concentrated toasted coconut flavor, and the ultra-creamy texture was almost a milkshake consistency.


Next up, we sampled Victory Garden's Salted Caramel goat's milk ice cream. Perhaps it was because it was prepackaged and not fresh from the shop, or maybe we just aren't fans of goat's milk, but this was our least favorite of the day. The salted caramel flavor was too subtle, while the goat's milk taste overpowered everything else.


Finally, after a nearly 20-minute wait, we walked away with a scoop of Coffee and a scoop of Cardamom Lemon Jam from Morgenstern's. With their recently opened Lower East Side shop receiving so much positive press in the last couple of months, we had high expectations. The Coffee delivered, offering the strong, dark taste of freshly brewed espresso in a creamy package. Cardamom Lemon, however, was not up our alley. It had great flavor, with swirls of the jam hitting your taste buds with every bite, but we just weren't fans of cardamom in our ice cream.


We wished we had more room to sample Steve's ice cream doughnut sandwiches, or Butter & Scotch's Pie Shakes, but there was only so much ice cream we could handle. Instead, we happily left Creme de la Creme with our sweet tooth more than fully satisfied. Now if only we could make this a weekly holiday...

Williamsburg Flea
50 Kent Ave
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11249