Cowgirl Sea-Horse

With all of the cool restaurants popping up along South Street Seaport, we're making it a goal to taste them all. This weekend, we ventured to the very end of Front Street to Cowgirl Sea-Horse, an eclectic restaurant located right next to the Brooklyn Bridge. The decor is New Orleans meets The Little Mermaid meets beach shack, and their food is a mix of Tex-Mex and creole. Don't let this interesting combination keep you away, though, since the food is shockingly good.

With their buffalo wings, fresh guac with just-fried corn tortilla chips, country-fried chicken and mashed potatoes, and blackened white fish with seasoned brown rice, we had a well-rounded taste of what Cowgirl Sea-Horse had to offer. Everything was so fresh and flavorful, especially the well-seasoned fish.

We've also heard great things about their Hurricane Nachos, shrimp and grits and margaritas--we'll be stopping by to try all of that during our next happy hour!


Cowgirl Sea-Horse259 Front St.New York, NY 10038