Lately: Afternoon on the High Line

It finally feels like spring! I took advantage of the above-50-degree weather yesterday and met up with my buddy Andrew Neelon on the High Line, where flowers were finally blooming. While catching up and taking a few portraits of Neelon, we came across a table with a bouquet of roses, a bottle of champagne and two glasses--definitely an unexpected and out-of-place find, even in this popular New York spot.

Confused, we looked around and spotted someone hiding behind a rustic metal wall. Turns out, this girl (Meredith) was helping her future brother-in-law set up and capture her sister's engagement.

We ran into Meredith at the perfect time and helped her rearrange the vase of roses that was knocked over by the wind and also took a few shots of the happy moment. It was a very unexpected and strangely fulfilling experience--you never know what you'll stumble across in New York City!

Congrats to the soon-to-be newlyweds and thanks for letting us share this special memory with you!


The High Line New York, NY 10011 Access:

  • Gansevoort Street (elevator access)
  • 14th Street (elevator access)
  • West 16th Street (elevator access)
  • West 18th Street
  • West 20th Street
  • 23rd Street (elevator access) - out of service due to damage caused by Hurricane Sandy
  • West 26th Street
  • West 28th Street
  • West 30th Street (elevator access)