Washington Square Park

From one arch to another...Washington Square Park is arguably one of the most iconic symbols of New York City--for good reason.

It's a must-see for visitors and a gathering spot for locals in the NYU area. In the summer, kids, families and friends gather around the large fountain, with the sounds of buskers performing and happy dogs playing in the dog park nearby.


On this cold January day, we were greeted with snowflakes and fast-walking New Yorkers instead, which is romantic in its own Serendipity-esque way.


In addition to Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village is also a great area for strolling and checking out some of Manhattan's most beautiful and interesting homes. Each building evokes its own unique character and brings you back to a time before cars and trucks took over the streets.

Not to mention, this neighborhood's restaurants and cafes--including Stumptown Coffee Roasters--are some of the best in the city.


Washington Square Park 26-28 Washington Square N New York, NY 10012