5 Days in Nashville: Day 4

As sad as it is to admit, by day four of Nashville, we started experiencing a bit of tourism fatigue. Nashville is a surprisingly small town, and other than eating delicious Southern food and drinking local alcoholic beverages, there isn’t a TON of stuff to see, especially as New Yorkers who expect amazing sights around every corner of a city. Apologies to any Nashville locals we’re offending…!

We started the day with some shopping, stopping by a couple of thrift shops including what was called the “Goodwill Outlet.” This strip mall housed not only your standard Goodwill, but also Goodwill’s version of an outlet store. These serve as liquidation centers, meaning that if an item doesn’t sell at the standard store, it’s moved to a Goodwill Outlet and sold for drop-dead low prices (either by the pound or for a reduced price per piece). You’re basically guaranteed 75 percent off of the already-low Goodwill retail price.

It was an insane experience watching everyone rummage through bins and bins of random objects to find their hidden treasures. And we were actually surprised to see people walk away thrilled with their hauls of Nintendo play stations, toys and clothes.

Goodwill Outlet
780 Berry Rd.
Nashville, TN 37204

We then drove to 8th Avenue South, which is home to a number of cool furniture and thrift shops, including Pre to Post Modern, an eclectic vintage store with a great selection of finds. You’ll end up spending hours rummaging through their displays of clothes, jewelry, shoes, records and furniture.

Pre to Post Modern
2110 8th Ave. S
Nashville, Tennessee, TN 37204

Afterwards, we headed to White’s Mercantile, a boutique shop carrying everything from clothes to homeware to food. It’s owned by musician Holly Williams, who happens to be friends with Gwyneth Paltrow. According to the store’s website, the shop is Goop-approved, which you can tell the moment you walk through the doors. It had very Brooklyn-meets-Hamptons vibes, and offered an impressive selection of candles.

White’s Mercantile
2908 12th Ave. S
Nashville, TN 37204

We finished off our shopping day with a visit to the Nashville Farmers’ Market, which comes highly recommended in most travel guides.

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Hija de Sanchez

You wouldn’t expect to find great Mexican food in Copenhagen, but when we were researching for our trip, every tour guide and “best restaurants in Copenhagen” list called out Hija de Sanchez.

Founded by former Noma pastry chef Rosio Sanchez, Hija de Sanchez looks like your average taco stand outside of the Torvehallerne food hall, but it serves up a simple yet delicious menu of tacos, quesadillas and chips. What makes Hija de Sanchez truly stand out are their tortillas, which are freshly made using corn imported from Mexico.

While Sanchez is running an taco operation in Copenhagen, she’s no stranger to Mexican food. She’s Mexican-American and grew up in a Mexican neighborhood in Chicago.

Stop by for a quick bite of the most delicious Mexican food you’ll find in the city. And while you’re there, wander the delicious halls of Torvehallerne for more eats and treats from Is a Bella, Mikkeller & Friends, and The Coffee Collective.

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Copenhagen Street Food

After four action-packed days in Stockholm, we hit the next destination on our tour of Scandinavia: Copenhagen. It was a quick flight over to Denmark’s capital, and once we dropped off our luggage at our Airbnb in Frederiksberg, we were ready to explore the city’s beautiful canals, cobblestone streets and historic architecture.

While the city is home to Noma (where we weren’t able to snag a reservation), it doesn’t exclusively cater to elaborate tasting menus and foraged ingredients. You can find incredibly delicious, multicultural and experimental food at every price range.

Case in point: Copenhagen Street Food, the city’s first and only genuine street food market. Within the maze-like halls of the market, you can find everything from sushi to tacos to Brazilian grilled meats to falafel to organic Danish hot dogs – all sustainably and locally sourced.

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Brooklyn Flea Creme de la Creme

Yesterday may have been National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, but the food holiday we were more excited about was National Ice Cream Day on July 20. That’s because Brooklyn Flea dedicated the entire weekend to Creme de la Creme, their annual celebration of the best summertime treat, featuring more than 10 of the top ice cream vendors in New York City.

From classic scoops at Blue Marble Ice Cream to New York’s buzziest new flavors (and longest lines) at Morgenstern’s Finest, Creme de la Creme was the place of ice cream lovers’ dreams.

We visited the Williamsburg Flea location and were able to sample three very different styles and flavors, starting with OddFellows’ take on Toasted Coconut Milk Chocolate. By far our favorite of the day, this scoop packed a powerful punch of concentrated toasted coconut flavor, and the ultra-creamy texture was almost a milkshake consistency.

Next up, we sampled Victory Garden’s Salted Caramel goat’s milk ice cream. Perhaps it was because it was prepackaged and not fresh from the shop, or maybe we just aren’t fans of goat’s milk, but this was our least favorite of the day. The salted caramel flavor was too subtle, while the goat’s milk taste overpowered everything else.

Finally, after a nearly 20-minute wait, we walked away with a scoop of Coffee and a scoop of Cardamom Lemon Jam from Morgenstern’s. With their recently opened Lower East Side shop receiving so much positive press in the last couple of months, we had high expectations. The Coffee delivered, offering the strong, dark taste of freshly brewed espresso in a creamy package. Cardamom Lemon, however, was not up our alley. It had great flavor, with swirls of the jam hitting your taste buds with every bite, but we just weren’t fans of cardamom in our ice cream.

We wished we had more room to sample Steve’s ice cream doughnut sandwiches, or Butter & Scotch’s Pie Shakes, but there was only so much ice cream we could handle. Instead, we happily left Creme de la Creme with our sweet tooth more than fully satisfied. Now if only we could make this a weekly holiday…

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Union Square Greenmarket

We’ve had a crazy week of nonstop moving and cleaning. And even though our new apartment is only two streets away, I’m sure anyone who’s ever moved in New York City will understand our pain.

Now that all of the boxes are unpacked and surfaces cleaned, we’re so ready for the long weekend, which we plan to spend strolling through some of our favorite lazy day spots in the city–like Union Square Greenmarket.

As one of the largest farmer’s markets in Manhattan, you’ll find plenty of vendors selling local breads, seafood, meat, dairy, cheese, fruit, veggies and, most importantly, flowers. Plus, the artisanal atmosphere just begs to be instagrammed. #HappyFourth!

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Williamsburg Flea

Smoragsburg has been a popular weekend destination for years, and it’s one of our favorite foodie spots in the city. Unfortunately, the lines this season seem to be longer and the crowds larger than ever, despite the food market’s ever-expanding list of vendors.

We’re still not anxious to return after our first–and probably last–visit of the season, but when a few of our friends were in town a couple of weeks ago, we thought it’d be nice to walk across the Williamsburg Bridge and take them to Williamsburg Flea. The Flea is held every Sunday and is run by the same Brooklyn Flea group that manages Smorgasburg. Unlike the Saturday food market, however, the Flea is much more low key and much less crowded.

In addition to the beautiful handcrafted and vintage furniture, clothes, jewelry and leather goods, there is also a great selection of food stalls, many of which are featured at Smorgasburg. On this day, we tried the giant ice cream sandwiches from The Good Batch and sipped on some super-fresh lemonade.

So the next time you’re craving a healthy serving of Handsome Hank’s fish and chips and a scoop of Blue Marble ice cream, but are looking to avoid the craziness of Smorgasburg, try checking out Williamsburg Flea instead.

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